The most cost-efficient runners for your GitHub Actions, period.

macOS M2, Linux arm64 and Linux x64 runners for your GitHub Actions for a fixed price regardless of the usage.

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Unlimited usage for a fixed monthly rate

Fixed pricing of $150 per month per concurrent Cirrus Runner allows to control your team's budget. No more surprises from your bills at the end of a month! The more minutes you use, the more you save.

Run large macOS and Linux workflows for as low as $0.0035 per minute. Yes, it means theoretically 20 times cheaper than the official GitHub Actions offering.

Drop-in replacement for your existing workflows

Try Cirrus Runners for free with a single line change. Revert back anytime if you'll manage to find a reason. We are confident you won't.

GitHub Actions Runners

Enterprise ready security

Cirrus Runners are SOC 2 Type I compliant. Our own state-of-the-art source available virtualization and networking technologies allow to run your workflows in complete isolation in single use virtual machines.

Cirrus Runners team controls, develops and optimizes every layer of the infrastructure involved, from provisioning the fastest bare-metal servers off traditional clouds to building state-of-the-art virtualization solutions for macOS called Tart and for Linux called Vetu.

This vertical integration allows us to provide the most cost-efficient infrastructure for your GitHub Actions. Unlimited monthly usage for a fixed price. No hidden fees. No surprises.

What our users say

Mitchell Hashimoto

Mitchell Hashimoto

HashiCorp co-founder

I've been using "Cirrus Runners" since that tweet and it has been fantastic. Huge speed increase, huge cost decrease, zero maintenance, exactly what I wanted.
Sebastian Jachec

Sebastian Jachec

Mobile Engineer at Daybridge

It’s been plain-sailing with the Cirrus Runners — they’ve been great! They’re consistently 60+% faster on workflows that we previously used Github Actions’ macOS runners for.
Max Lapides

Max Lapides

Senior Mobile Engineer at Tonal

Previously, we were using the GitHub‑hosted macOS runners and our iOS build took ~30 minutes. Now with Cirrus Runners, the iOS build only takes ~12 minutes. That’s a huge boost to our productivity, and for only $150/month per runner it is much less expensive too.