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The best way to ask general questions about particular use cases is to email our support team at Our support team is trying our best to respond ASAP and usually doest it within a business hour, but there is no guarantee on a response time unless your organization has a subscription which includes Priority Support.

If you have a feature request or noticed lack of some documentation please feel free to email support. If you noticed an issue with the images please feel free to create issues in the corresponding repositories with macOS and Linux templates.

Priority Support

In addition to the general support we provide a Priority Support with guaranteed response times included in all subscriptions starting at 20 runners.

Severity Support Impact First Response Time SLA Hours How to Submit
1 Emergency (service is unavailable or completely unusable). 30 minutes 24x7 Please use urgent email address.
2 Highly Degraded (Important features unavailable or extremely slow; No acceptable workaround). 4 hours 24x5 Please use priority email address.
3 Medium Impact. 8 hours 24x5 Please use priority email address.
4 Low Impact. 24 hours 24x5 Please use regular support email address. Make sure to send the email from your corporate email.

24x5 means period of time from 9AM on Monday till 5PM on Friday in EST timezone.

Support Impact Definitions
  • Severity 1 - Your installation of Orchard is unavailable or completely unusable. An urgent issue can be filed and our On-Call Support Engineer will respond within 30 minutes. Example: Orchard Controller is showing 502 errors for all users.
  • Severity 2 - Orchard installation is Highly Degraded. Significant Business Impact. Important features are unavailable or extremely slowed, with no acceptable workaround.
  • Severity 3 - Something is preventing normal service operation. Some Business Impact. Important features of Tart or Orchard are unavailable or somewhat slowed, but a workaround is available.
  • Severity 4 - Questions or Clarifications around features or documentation. Minimal or no Business Impact. Information, an enhancement, or documentation clarification is requested, but there is no impact on the operation of Tart and/or Orchard.

How to submit a priority or an urgent issue

Once your organization obtains a license, members of your organization will get access to separate support emails specified in your subscription contract.